I love teaching at the SolBridge International School of Business.

Since 2010, I have been teaching Honors English and since last year, I have been teaching U.S. History (with President Dr. John Endicott) Highlights of Asian History and East Asian Politics (again co-teaching with Dr. Endicott).

After all these years of teaching in Korea, I have finally settled down into a comfortable and very rewarding teaching regime.

Another part of my job which I love a lot, is being the school’s web manager and having the chance to promote our school on our website and Facebook page. I am responsible for most of the content, text and photos, and get to attend some wonderful events like our school’s annual Culture Day.

These students from Mongolia made these dumplings stuffed with lamb. The dumplings were out of this world!

Students from Russia make last-minute costume adjustments before taking to the stage during SolBridge’s 2012 multicultural festival.

A student from Indonesia performs a traditional Indonesian dance.