Back when I started traveling regularly—at least when I was heading off to Thailand and other destinations in the early 90’s—you had to reconfirm your flight or your ticket would be canceled. 

One time, a former colleague of mine almost couldn’t accompany me and another colleague to Thailand because he had failed to reconfirm his ticket. At Kimpo Airport the clerk behind the counter made him squirm just a little when she informed him that he wouldn’t be able to travel because he hadn’t reconfirmed. Fortunately, everything worked out in the end and he could travel to Thailand. 

Then airlines like Thai Airways came out and said you didn’t have to reconfirm your flight but that you should check with the airline company before you flew to check the status of your flight. Of course, whenever I flew back to the States I always reconfirmed flights when I was returning to Korea just because if something did happen and I couldn’t fly—especially around the holidays—I would have to wait another day to catch a flight back to Korea. 

When I flew to Vientiane last December on Vietnam Airlines I made certain to reconfirm my flight because I had never flown on the airlines before and didn’t know their policies. Additionally, with only a few flights in and out of Wattay International Airport every day, I thought it would be a good idea and call the airlines and reconfirm my flight. 

So, when it came time to leave Vientiane this time on Thai Airways, I played it safe again and called the airlines to have my flight reconfirmed. It was a good thing that I did. Turns out the departure time the flight that I originally had a ticket for had been changed and I wouldn’t be able to make my connection in Bangkok. Fortunately there was an afternoon flight to Bangkok with seats available. 

I lucked out big time getting on this earlier flight even though it sucked that On and I couldn’t have a few more hours together in the afternoon. 

Yeah, it was probably a good thing to reconfirm my flight.