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“With Every Christmas Card I Write….”

“With Every Christmas Card I Write….”.

That’s right, with just a little over two weeks until Christmas it is time to start cranking out those Christmas and holiday cards. If you are like me, when you send Christmas cards you and want to write something special, you will find the essay at the link above quite interesting and useful.


  1. I’m making my own Christmas card this year, I can’t believe it’s the second week into December already, time to get moving.

  2. Yes, I need to send some out to my family and friends in the States before I leave for Laos in 13 days.

    I hope to find some nice cards in Vientiane or Luang Prabang to send to friends back in the States. I am really into handmade cards as well as postcards with black and white photos.

  3. Yeah it’s time for you people to get cracking!

    Another great site for quotes is

    Good luck in Laos.

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