Writing is easy; Promoting your book is harder

That’s what I’ve been finding out ever since War Remains was published seven months ago.

I’ve done everything that was suggested by authors and indie publishers, from setting up a page on Facebook to having its own blog.

I’ve sent out press releases, have had two newspaper interviews, and have recently entered the novel into a Korean War book competition.

I’ve reviewed Amazon book purchases, such as Cherries: A Vietnam War Novel by John Podlaski and added a hyperlink to my Amazon page.

Unfortunately, the one market I still haven’t been able to make inroads into has been the Korean market. Despite having a major write up and interview in The Korea Times last year, the book is still not available locally.

One thing that writers, especially those of us who self-publish need to do to promote one’s books is persuade buyers to write reviews. It doesn’t have to be much, just a paragraph or two. However, to get folks to do that, is not always easy. Therefore, I’m thinking about having a contest. For everyone who writes a mini-review, I will have a drawing and select one or two names for a free autographed copy of any of my books.

This also works for comments on a blog post about one’s books.

It’s all about getting the word out, isn’t it?

It’s not like Field of Dreams— “if you build it they will come;” it’s more like, if you write it, you’ve got to promote it.

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